Fine Tuning the Neck

A one day workshop that takes a close look at the structure and function of the neck.

This is “hands on” based practical work shop, looking at the global patterns held within the neck.

It focuses on precise palpation to asses tissues tension and dysfunction, an how and where to then apply the moves, release tension and restore function.

It looks at precise moves on the scalene groups, the sub-occipital and pterygoid muscles. Before looking at how shoulder stabilisation, pectoral nerve and nuchal ligament attachments effect neck stability and mobility.

About Phil Steward

Phil started a career in body work in 1994.

He qualified in Massage, Sports Injury treatment, Ayurvedic massage, Advanced manipulative therapy, Dorn technique and of course Bowen Technique.

He has practiced Bowen for more than 10 years, Learning from many great teachers but his mentors being Graham Pennington and Romney Smeeton.

He runs a busy clinic, seeing in excess of 3000 people a year, in a small town in South West UK and now runs and teaches the Assessment Led Bowen Course. With his neck workshops getting amazing feedback from existing Bowen therapists.

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